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Comprehensive Financial Planning

We look at your entire financial picture, craft a plan, and work together to achieve success, however you define it. If you're looking for continual guidance and accountability then this is for you.

Investment Management


Your investments are an integral part of your financial picture. We'll help you choose the right portfolio for you and take care of the ongoing monitoring and make adjustments to keep your assets invested according to your plan.


What's Your Risk Number?


Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning

Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning

Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning

Sounds great, but what’s covered? You can learn more about the process here. Below is a comprehensive list of topics that we cover during our relationship. You’re encouraged to surprise me with your unique life situation.


Identifying Goals: This is the foundation of the entire planning process. The goals help us map out the hike. You may want to send your children to a top-notch out of state school debt free, invest in rental real estate, buy a house in a couple of years, retire early, take an annual family vacation. Not sure what your goals are? That’s OK as we’ll work together to help figure that out. Let’s being with where you are today and map out tomorrow.


Cash flow: I’ll review your income and expenses to determine your current surplus or deficit. I’ll also help you prioritize your spending, debt repayment, savings, as well as help you determine where to put your savings. I’ll help you automate the process to make it easier for you to keep with your goals which increases the likelihood of success.


Education Planning: How much will you need for college expenses? How should you save for that expense: 529 plan, something else? Whether you’re 18 years or 18 months out, I can help you prepare for the cost of education.


Risk Management: While the term “risk management” likely conjures thoughts of insurance, we take a much more holistic approach.  Insurances such as life, disability, umbrella, home, auto, long-term care and so on are all tools that help you mitigate risk. Risk can take the form of inadequate cash reserves, an outdated or nonexistent estate plan, an inappropriate investment portfolio, or an insufficient savings rate. Addressing and mitigating your individual risks is paramount to putting you in the best position for financial success.


Business Planning: Do you own a business or are you considering starting or purchasing one? Or perhaps you’re thinking of divesting. Maybe you’re up for partner soon. For many owners, the business is the largest asset and generator of income as well as an integral piece in their personal life. I work with you to understand how your business integrates into your plans.


Employee Benefits Optimization: The fourth quarter of the year is a popular time for benefits renewal. A lot gets thrown at you during open enrollment including 401(k), health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, health savings accounts, flexible savings accounts, legal services, stock purchase plans, the list is seemingly endless. Benefits are a part of your compensation and I help you make the best use of your options.


Estate & Legacy Planning: Not just for the uber-rich. If you have a young family, an estate plan allows you to protect your children in case something were to happen to you. I’ll review your current estate plan to ensure that you have the necessary documents in place and make recommendations accordingly. I’ll help coordinate with your attorney, or recommend one, to best coordinate your estate plan with your overall financial plan.


Investment Analysis: How are your investments performing? Are you in high-fee mutual funds, annuities, limited partnerships? Do you have investment accounts spread out all over the place: an old 401(k), current 401(k), a Roth IRA, a 529 plan, a standalone stock that your grandfather gave to you? Are your investments aligned with your goals? Are you taking on too much risk? Not enough? I provide clarity on your portfolio and create a more cohesive strategy around your investments as they relate to your goals. I can also educate you on how various investments vehicles and strategies work and how they fit into your plan.  


Real Estate: For many, real estate in the form of a primary residence is one of the largest components of net worth both in terms of the asset side and the liability side. This becomes truer in higher cost of living areas such as Boulder and the greater Front Range. We explore how real estate plays into your entire financial picture. If you’re currently renting and are considering purchasing a home, we can determine how much you should have for a down payment, how much house you can truly afford, and whether you should buy at all!


Rental Real Estate: Are you building a real estate empire? Whether you have one or many properties, investing in an SFH, or you’re thinking of converting your home into a rental, real estate should be viewed like any other investment in your portfolio. How is your current property performing? Would you potentially be better off investing elsewhere? Do you want to be a landlord? I can help you analyze whether rental real estate is a good investment for you.


Retirement: While retirement in the traditional sense might be a long way off, it’s never too early to start the planning process; don't wait until 59 ½. What’s retirement look like to you? How much is that going to cost? If you could retire early, would you? We’ll explore those questions as well as look at when you might achieve financial independence considering your current spending and savings goals. You’re young and there’s a lot going on between now and then so I’ll help you adjust your plan as time goes on to keep you on path.


Stock Compensation: Stock options, ESOP, restricted stock units, the list goes on. These are all increasing popular ways for employers to compensate and reward their employees. Each have their own risks, tax consequences, and place in your financial picture. I’ll help you analyze your equity compensation package and help explain how it works.


Tax Planning: Taxes encompass one of the largest expenses for a family including federal income tax, state and local income tax, and payroll taxes to say nothing of the consumption-based taxes such as sales, use, and property taxes. Taxes become even more complicated if you own a business, a rental property, or even just a side hustle. It’s important to understand, at least at a high level, how tax interacts within your financial life as well as manage this expense. I’ll also work with your current tax professional to ensure your tax decisions are well integrated with the rest of your financial goals.

It's understandable if you still have questions regarding our ongoing relationship. Click below for a more detailed explanation of the methodical planning process. We help you go from "Am I doing this right?" to "I am doing this right!"


Investment Management

Investment Management

Your time is best spent with family and friends, growing your business, networking, tying flies, brewing beer, training for Leadville, shooting 18, getting in your turns, hiking the Colorado Trail, building homes with Habitat for Humanity, teaching your kid how to ride a bike, you get the idea. Researching and managing your investments isn't on that list. Sifting through the seemingly endless number of investment options is stressful. Additionally, investing takes unemotional discipline. We take the chore of managing your investments off of your "to-do" list which gives you more peace of mind and more time to do what you need and want to do.

We're not interested in timing the markets. We take a proactive, disciplined approach based on your goals and risk tolerance to ensure that you're invested for the long-term. Rather than predicting the markets, we focus on evidence-based portfolios. Depending on the your preference, we can adhere to environmental and socially conscious portfolio strategies. We generally utilize low cost ETFs, broad market, and index mutual funds when building our portfolios. 

As a fee-only fiduciary, we put your interests first. We don't accept commissions, tails, referrals, kickbacks, markups, sell from inventory, nor do we offer proprietary products. We also don't sell insurance or annuities.